Camera Matters

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I’m usually asked what equipment I use so if you’re curious too, here’s the list.

Large Format 

  • Wehman 8×10 (the best camera I’ve ever owned)
  • Graflex Crown Graphic 4×5
  • Black Jacket Focusing Cloth
  • Berlebach Tripod
  • Fidelity film holders
  • Goerz Apo Artar  (red dot) 480mm (my favorite lens)
  • Goerz Apo Artar (red dot) 305mm (Goerz!)
  • Fujinon-W 360mm (enormous and heavy lens but I quite like it)
  • Schneider Symmar 240/420 convertible (on the fence about this one but at 240mm it’s quite nice)
  • Pentax Zone VI spot meter
  • BTZS ExpoDev
  • f/64 backpack


  • Ilford 8×10 FP4+
  • Pyrocat-HD

Medium Format 

  • Agfa Super Isolette (fun camera, but mine required painting areas of the film chamber black due to internal camera flare)

Pinhole Camera

  • ZeroImage 4×5 (wonderful pinhole camera!)


  • FJ60 with tripod platform
  • Spot personal locator beacon